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BluesLetter Number 20 July/August 1992

Number 20 July/August 1992

The St. Louis Blues Heritage Festival 

Johnny Shines

Desert Island Disks: Glen Changar, Asher Benrubi, Keith Doder

Henry Townsend part 5

Blue Notes

BluesLetter Number 19 May/June 1992

Number 19 May/June 1992

Guitar Masters

William Clarke

Albert Collins

Buddy Guy

Johnny Winter

Oliver Sain

Henry Townsend part 4

Blue Notes

BluesLetter Number 18 March/April 1992

Number 18 March/April 1992

Harp Attack

Desert Island Disks: Tom Hall, Patti Thomas, Johnny Diamond

Tax Information for Musicians

NOLA Jazz Fest

Henry Townsend part 3

Blue Notes

photos by Ron Edwards

BluesLetter Number 16 November/December 1991

Number 16 November/December 1991

St. Louis Blues Showcase

New Tax Information for Musicians

Review: Johnnie Johnson

Anson Funderburgh

Autumn Blues Party for Members

Paul Stewart

Sadie's Personality Bar

Henry Townsend part 1

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BluesLetter Number 10 May/June 1990

Number 10 May/June 1990

Seagram's Taste of Blues Tour

Yank Rachell

Magic Slim

Photos by RL Shelli

Blues Festival Poster Contest

Guitar Masters

Book Review: Cunningham and Jones - "Sweet, Hot and Blue…

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BluesLetter Number 4 July/August 1989

Number 4 July/August 1989

Big Bad Smitty

Davis Brothers Band

Artist Profile on Doc Terry

Artist Profile on Leroy Pierson

Night Hawk Records

Photos by R L Shelli