The Archive Project

The mission of the STLBS Archive Project is to collect, create and disseminate the stories of St. Louis Blues Music and the people who created it.

St. Louis has one of the most rich and important musical heritages in the world.  St. Louis Blues Music is known world-wide for its importance in the story of American Music, however there is no centralized place for people to learn the actual stories.  The STLBS has identified the need for a central repository for the decentralized history that is spread throughout the city.  The long term goal of the archive project is to build a trust worthy institution that can house digital and physical history, create new content and to find ways to shine a light on the stories of St. Louis Blues Music. 

2024 GOALS
- Solidify statement of purpose
- Build a diverse team of volunteers and professionals
- Build professional and  institutional relationships
- Build a database ready to be filled
- Outline costs current and ongoing / Funding
- Identify content to be collected (find committee heads for each)

We welcome anyone who wants to join the archive committee. The committee meets at Nebula on the first Tuesday of the month at 7pm. For more information, contact Mary Kaye Tonnies, or Jeremy Segel-Moss or contact any committee member to come to a meeting as our guest.

Committee Members
Jeri Peterson
Jeremy Segel-Moss
Reed Radcliffe
Peter Newcomb
Michael Higgins
Tecora Morgan
Tom Maloney
Mary Kaye Tonnies