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BluesLetter Number 24 October/November 1993

Number 24 October/November 1993

Henry Townsend

St. Louis Blues Celebration

Volunteer Thank You

St. Louis Blues Heritage Festival Behind the Scenes

Five Guys Named Moe Review

Blue Notes

photos by RL Shelli

BluesLetter Number 22 March/April 1993

Number 22 March/April 1993

Guitar Masters Aftermath

Billy Gales (1931-1993)

NOLA Jazz Fest

Larry Davis

Homeless Blues Benefit

Henry Townsend Blizzard Blues

Harp Attack photos

Highway 61 part 2

Record reviews

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BluesLetter Number 20 July/August 1992

Number 20 July/August 1992

The St. Louis Blues Heritage Festival 

Johnny Shines

Desert Island Disks: Glen Changar, Asher Benrubi, Keith Doder

Henry Townsend part 5

Blue Notes

BluesLetter Number 19 May/June 1992

Number 19 May/June 1992

Guitar Masters

William Clarke

Albert Collins

Buddy Guy

Johnny Winter

Oliver Sain

Henry Townsend part 4

Blue Notes

BluesLetter Number 18 March/April 1992

Number 18 March/April 1992

Harp Attack

Desert Island Disks: Tom Hall, Patti Thomas, Johnny Diamond

Tax Information for Musicians

NOLA Jazz Fest

Henry Townsend part 3

Blue Notes

photos by Ron Edwards

BluesLetter Number 16 November/December 1991

Number 16 November/December 1991

St. Louis Blues Showcase

New Tax Information for Musicians

Review: Johnnie Johnson

Anson Funderburgh

Autumn Blues Party for Members

Paul Stewart

Sadie's Personality Bar

Henry Townsend part 1

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