BluesLetter number 72 January/February 2015

The St. Louis Blues Society 14 in 14 Compilation CD

The Artists of the 2014 St. Louis Blues Society Compilation CD 14 in 14
Arthur Williams
Big George Brock
Eugene Johnson and Company
Al Holliday
Soulard Blues Band
Rough Grooves
Brian Curran
Bob "Bumblebee" Kamoske
Ground Floor Band
Miss Molly SImms
Hudson and the Hoodoo Cats
Jeremiah Johnson
The Bottoms Up Blues Gang
Funky Butt Brass Band

Frank Bauer, Matt Davis and Corey Woodruff remember Alvin Jett
Henry Townsend: Reflections of Genius Event
Ethan Leinwand's first two profiles of pre-war piano bluesmen in St. Louis
Henry Brown and Peetie Wheatstraw
Jeremy Segel-Moss speaks further with the National Blues Museum Radio Show host Christian Cudnik