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Statement from the St. Louis Blues Society's Board of Directors:

As an organization dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of St. Louis Blues Music, whose origins come singularly from Black men and women's experience in America, we stand firmly on the side of justice for every Black and Brown person who has been harassed and/or killed at the hands of the very people who have sworn an oath to protect and serve them. We will always stand in solidarity with peaceful protesters around the world to demand justice and immediate change to the institutional racism that plagues this country. We encourage the Blues community to support the movement. The very music you love was birthed by the suffering of Black people under the weight of systematic racism in America. 
If you love the music, if you love the people who create it, speak out and let your voice be heard. Silence is compliance.


Fourth in the Mission Fund Print Series 

Marsha Evans and Jimmy Hinds


Fourth in the series of exclusive original artwork created for the St. Louis Blues Mission Fund. An original print created AND signed by St. Louis artist Cbabi Bayoc.

CLICK IMAGE FOR MORE INFORMATION The St. Louis Blues Society Mission Fund was established in 2002 for the purpose of financially supporting St. Louis Blues and Rhythm & Blues artists in times of need. Over the course of the last 22 years, the Mission Fund has supported dozens of musicians who have been unable to perform due to health issues, violent attacks and unforeseen problems.

The St. Louis Blues Society has released 5 compilation CDs featuring 85 St. Louis acts performing ORIGINAL MATERIAL! 
CLICK THE IMAGE for direct link to CDs and SONGS.  


The St. Louis Blues Society is dedicated to preserving and perpetuating blues music in and from St. Louis, while fostering its growth and appreciation. The St. Louis Blues Society provides blues artists the opportunity for public performance and individual improvement in their field, all for the educational and artistic benefit of the general public.