The St. Louis Blues Society is dedicated to preservation and perpetuation of St. Louis Blues Music and the people who create it.  During the era of Covid, the STLBS has made a conscious choice to protect musicians and industry professionals by postponing programs and events that gather people together through the end of 2020. 

This choice will directly affect our annual compilation CD, Atomic Blues Festival and the International Blues Challenge. 

This is a very difficult decision for the organization, but the safety and health of our musicians and those that provide support to them is of the utmost importance to the future of music in St. Louis. 

The St. Louis Blues Society will continue to raise and distribute money to out-of-work St. Louis Blues Musicians as well as support local venues and musicians who are providing safe spaces to enjoy music and community. 

Thank you all for your support and understanding.  We all look forward to a time where we can gather, support and enjoy St. Louis Blues Music! 

Please reach out to Jeremy Segel-Moss with any questions at

STLBS Education Fund

In keeping with the vision and mission of St. Louis Blues Society, the education initiative focuses on the impact and contributions St. Louis artists and musicians have made to the St. Louis community over the years and the influence St. Louis style blues have made across the United States and abroad.

The Education Initiative goals:


  • Inspire new blues artists to emerge
  • Highlight blues talent that has been so instrumental to the success of the St. Louis blues
  • Tell the story of St. Louis blues legacy
  • Engage members and legendary blues artists to get involved
  • Increase awareness of St. Louis Blues Society achievements and ongoing efforts to preserve St. Louis blues history
  • Reach out to youth to help shape the future of the blues, St. Louis blues!


For more information about the St. Louis Blues Society Education Initiative, contact our Education Committee Director, Erika Johnson at:



Donations to the St. Louis Blues Society Education Fund can be made HERE